Hypodermic Hinged Safety Needle 25Gx1″

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  • Reinforced needle locking mechanism helps reduce risk of needlestick injury
  • Simple, intuitive, design with no complicated mechanisms
  • ISO-compliant, [color] packaging, safety hinge, and needle hub color-coded for easy identification of [X]-gauge needle size
  • Safety mechanism compliant with OSHA standards for Safety Engineered Sharps
  • Features separate finger and thumb grips with ridges and non-slip surfaces to improve ease of finger or thumb safety activation
  • Single-handed, safety-hinge activation can be performed with finger, thumb, or against a hard surface and confirmed with audible and tactile feedback
  • Bevel-up orientation allows low-angle injections
  • Compatible with all major conventional syringes including both luer lock and slip tip connections
  • Individually packaged, disposable needles for single, sterile use
  • Non-pyrogenic, non-toxic, and DEHP-free
  • Not Made with Natural Rubber Latex
  • Designed for use in conjunction with a standard syringe for aspiration and administration of medication
  • Not for use for high pressure injection of contrast media